Here senior adults maintain privacy, dignity and control over their lives.

Highland Ridge is an independent senior assisted living community. Here senior adults maintain privacy, dignity and a level of independence and control over their lives in a setting which provides the help they may need with some of the day-to-day tasks of living.

Each person residing here has a private apartment furnished with his or her own furniture and decorated with their own treasured keepsakes… a home in every sense of the word with family and friends always welcome.

Our 24-hour caring, trained staff provide several wonderful and convenient amenities that allow senior adults to enjoy independent living. Housekeeping and laundry service are provided and three healthy, delicious meals are served daily in a restaurant-style dining atmosphere.

Deciding on Highland Ridge could be the most important and most caring decision you ever make. Come visit us to see this wonderful new way of life for yourself or for a loved one.


Care 24/7

I feel like a “celebrity” being able to live here. They make us feel so special and it is such an honor to be apart of Highland Ridge Assisted Living.

I absolutely love the food and it’s funny how I look forward to the next meal before I complete my current meal.

I just don’t know what more I would want than to be able to live in such a wonderful place.

Mary Rose Mattingly

Two years ago I found myself living alone at home and decided to make the move to Highland Ridge Assisted Living. I was instantly greeted by the warm staff and residents of the community. I have enjoyed building new relationships with my new neighbors and the staff who treat us like family.

I have been so impressed with the variety of activities that are offered and we never had a dull moment. We have fun!

I am very thankful that the McPherson Family saw the need to build an assisted living facility here 16 years ago. I cannot imagine where I would be today if I didn’t have Highland Ridge Assisted Living.

Margie Kinslow

I have lived at Highland Ridge Assisted Living over a year and I can honestly say that if you cannot be at your own home this is certainly the next best place. Every resident is treated the same and the employees are very good to us all.

I am mainly impressed with the exquisite meals, the linen table cloths and napkins at each meal. The atmosphere in the dining room makes us feel special.

I have had out-of-town guests visit and stay with me over night and they receive the same wonderful accommodations as you do when you live at Highland Ridge. I cannot express how much I sincerely appreciate that.

I am a very social person and the variety of entertainment that they provide for us daily is enjoyable. My favorite activity is Bible study and I am thankful that the Lord has allowed me to be able to serve him by touching others.

Clodeen Belcher

As a health care administrator at TJ Samson Hospital from 1960-1998, I can honestly say that I have been impressed with the services that Highland Ridge Assisted Living provides.

The staff impressed me by their tenderness and sincerity they have for others. They treat others nice and give us such encouragement.

Since my wife and I came here to live it has been such a comfort mentally and it has given me such reassurance knowing that someone is always available if I need them. That feeling is worth it all to me.

Glenn Joiner

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